Salon Effects-Real Nail Polish Strips in Kitty Kitty,
Wild Child, or Laced Up











Water Coloring- Step by Step how to:

1. Fill a cup with water

2. Drop a bit of each chosen nail color in to the glass of water

3. Take a toothpick and swirl a design of your choice

4. Dip one nail at a time into the glass of water (we suggest you place scotch tape around
the surrounding skin to prevent staining) 

5. Re-swirl the colors after doing each nail to re-create the design










Color Blocking Nails-Step by Step how to:

 1. Choose a base color
 2. Decide on the pattern or design you want to create
 3. To keep the appearance clean, we suggest using up to three colors (lavender, silver,
     and black are a great combination!)    
 4. Draw the outline of the design with one color and paint within the borders
 5. Repeat step 4 again with the other unused color
 6. Let dry and then place a top coat















Half Moon Nails-Step by Step how to:

1. Prep nails
2. Place stickers shaped to the moon shaped outline on the bottom of nails
(if you don't have stickers already shaped, then you can cut them into the half
moon shape and cover the bottom part of the nail with the sticker)
3. Paint nails with the base coat color of your choice
4. Once the nail is dry, remove stickers and paint this part in a lighter
    color than the base coat
5. Allow to dry, then place top coat